Sofbang Recognized as One of the 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015 by CIO Review

With Oracle intent on winning the race to the cloud and emerging as a dominant force in cloud computing—based on the completeness of its offerings across the stack—the Oracle partners will have a big role to play moving forward. A selection panel of distinguished CEO’s, CIO’s, VC’s, Analysts, and the Editorial Board of CIO Review evaluated companies that showcased in-depth expertise in delivering integrated and innovative technologies to the Oracle landscape.

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Sofbang Recognized as One of the 20 Most Promising Cloud Providers 2015 by CIO Review

Sofbang is excited to announce that we have been recognized by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers.  In order to help CIOs to fully exploit the potential of cloud model and help them cater to their burning requirements, in the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including CIO Review editorial boar reviewed top companies in the cloud domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges. The selection panel looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb the challenges. Sofbang was recognized for their teams expertise and unique approach toward the Oracle Cloud Platform providing enterprises with scalable, flexible and extendable solutions.

Sofbang CIO Cloud Review Nov 2015

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Sofbang Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year: Mobility at OpenWorld

Recognized for our commitment to deliver innovative, specialized solutions and services based on Oracle software and Hardware, Sofbang is proud to be a recipient of the  2015 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year: Mobility Solution.

“To us, building a mobile app is not a complete mobile approach” says Danny Asnani, Principal “A complete mobile approach is much more – it is about simplifying the end-user experience, extending backend applications and integrating them with vital business processes across various lines of businesses and applications.”

See what  being recognized as a Specialized Partner of the year means to Sofbang and learn more about our mobile solutions from Danny Asnani and Vivek Ahuja.


Oracle Process Cloud-Power for Business Users

Header Oracle Process Cloud-Power for Business users

In a rapidly changing world, organizations are in need of quickly building business processes and will cater to the changing needs of these business process. Organizations are constantly seeking solutions that can freely use the available products while enabling business users to quickly build their complex business processes. With so many different solutions available for creating Business Processes it is hard to choose which one will best fit your specific business needs. One solution is Oracle’s subscription based Process Cloud Service (PCS) which is a perfect fit for today’s business users. By using PCS there is no need to maintain IT infrastructure – allowing you to easily extend your existing on-premise infrastructure, filling the variances in the white space between your applications. Oracle Process Cloud Service can also enhance the digital engagement of your enterprise, providing out-of-the box mobile experience for your business processes.

Process Cloud Service is a convenient tool for business users who want to rapidly develop Business Process. Oracle PCS provides a powerful browser based tool for development and testing them before they actually gets deployed. Continue reading…

The Evolution Mobility: From Bricks to Brains

On Sunday, we were awarded the Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – North America in Mobility. To be recognized by Oracle for our achievements in mobility is a huge accomplishment and highlights our strong focus on  Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, we are honored to be recognized for our expertise and knowledge of Oracle technologies.

Sofbang team with 2015 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year

Sofbang team with 2015 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year

Research shows that mobile apps are growing at a rate of 29.8% a year and the number of mobile users currently using apps will climb to 4.4 billion by 2017, with that growth users are expecting to be able to switch among desktops, tablets and smartphones anywhere anytime. In order to understand how we got to where we are today, lets take a look at just how far the mobile technology has come over the last 50 years. Continue reading…